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Round Cushion – Sample Us!

9 Oct

With this round mesh cushion featuring a cute button and welting for a classic retro flair.   Use our 5 vintage canning label baked textures for autumn cuteness.

…and only L$10!


Trowix - Round Cushion Ottoman MP


No pinching or crumpling on the texturing surfaces.  This can be textured with most SL textures.  UV map and shader maps are also included.


Trowix - Round Cushion_Ottoman Vend

Note:  This is a mesh object; LI/PE can be affected by size and other variables.

Our special promotional offer for you!

Find this cutie at the Trowix Main Store.

or on Second Life Marketplace, here.


Come try us!  Bring a friend!

Victorian Roses Posters – Charming!

10 Jul

Sweet and charming Victorian elements and antique postcards with flowers and roses in easy-to-frame format; also lovely for pillows, panels, and correspondence..
Especially recommended for use with “Trowix – Shadow Box Photo Frames”


TW - VictorianPostcardPostersVend

**12 — 1024×512 and 512×1024 textures


Find these pretties at the Trowix Main Store

and on Second Life Marketplace, here.

Charming you.

Redoute’ Rose Add-on for Multi-Frames

12 Apr

Lovely Redoute’ roses are baked for easy-to-use, fast and charming textures made especially for “6, 7, 8 Multi-Sided Frames” Mesh Pack.


TW - RedouteRoseFrameAddonVend


I have to admit, I love roses and think Pierre-Joseph Redoute’s work is fabulous…and perfect in this frame.

Note: these are textures only, the mesh frames are sold separately.


TW - 678Frame&AddonMP1


You can find find these lovely baked textures just waiting to add grace to your builds at:

the Trowix Barn

and on Second Life Marketplace, here.

a rose…   or two or three

Romantic Victorian Sentiments – Sweet!

31 Jan


Victorian styled silky, weathered damask paper with sweet sayings will bring out the romantic in anyone.

** 24 — 1024×1024 shaded and unshaded textures


TW - RomanticVictorianSentimentsVend


Letters, pillows, framed pictures! Declare your Love!


TW - Frame&VicSentimentsMP1

All sorts of Valentine goodies at the Trowix Barn

and on SL’s Marketplace.

..we’ll help you declare your love!

Heart Cushion / Pouf – Darlin’!

18 Jan

A heart shaped cushion with a retro flair.  Cute enough for the pickiest pinup girl.

TW - HeartCushionPoufMP1


TW - HeartCushionPoufVend


No pinching or crumpling to distort your pretty textures or mix and match our 10 baked textures.

TW - HeartCushionTextureExamples

5 materials to make texturing easy and creative. <3!

TW - HeartCushionMaterials

Find these at the Trowix Barn

and on SL’s Marketplace.

Valentine building goodies for you!

Holiday Gift Paper – Wrap it Up!

16 Dec

4 brand new, coordinated, seamless wrapping papers in 2 resolutions with and without shading.

Whimsy, cute, vintage, retro – something for everyone!

TW - VintageChristmasGiftWrapVend

TW - RetroChristmasWrapVend

TW - KitschDeerGiftWrapVend

TW - ChristmasBearTexVend

Brighten your Holidays with Trowix!

Available at the Trowix Barn

and on Second Life Marketplace.

Bears, Retro, Vintage and Kitschy Deer.

Tin Can Birdhouse – DIY Adorable

18 Oct

Inspired by the cleverness of up-cyclers and DIYers, this mesh piece shows a recycled tin can, funnel, cork and washers made into a charming birdhouse.

TW - DIYTinCanBirdhouseVend

Highly detailed original mesh made just for SL grid with extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI) and 8 materials / surfaces for many creative texturing options.

Note: This is a mesh object; LI/PE can be affected by size and other variables

TW - DIYTinCanBirdhouseMP1

…and textures, we’ve made a fun texture add-on using vintage cans for quick and easy texturing and decorating.

TW - VintageCansAddonVend

This birdhouse looks great with our “Cushioned Crate” and “Birdie Robin” (the September Group Gift), so stop by the Trowix Barn and make yourself some old-fashioned charm.

Also available on SL Marketplace soon

House your flock for the winter, today!

Victorian Styled Wall Lamp

2 May

Pretty!  Elegant!  Classic!  Choose your look.

A detailed and graceful wall lamp at home in many settings and styles from contemporary to Victorian.

TW - Wall Lamp MeshVendor

Original mesh with AO shaders and 10 Baked textures. Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI), 6 materials

TW - LampCloseup

[approximately 1 – 2 PE / LI at normal use size]

I have put them in the store and outside on the potting shed. You just can’t go wrong with this one.

TW - WallLampMP2

With the different materials, you can add glow and full bright effects to the shade and the bulb only.

…and still only 1 PE at the sizes pictured!

TW - WallLampMP1

We have the bright & shinies waiting for you! the Trowix Barn

..on SL Marketplace.

Tag! You’re it! Mesh Paper Sales Tag

9 Apr

Detailed, realistic original mesh tags ready to use or modify for your store and builds.

TW - HangingSalesPriceTagVend

Clever shadowed taped version for flat surfaced vendors & bulletin boards, too.

TW - PaperSalesTagMP2

Nano versions are included for your tiniest prices and sizes.

Kraft paper textures old and new with Ambient Occlusion Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI).


TW - PaperTagDetail2


Just think!  You can tag your old luggage, tag your store sales, tag your dog – you can tag anything!

Only 1 prim.  Keep them handy.


TW - PaperSalesTagMP3

Find all the tags you need at:

Trowix Barn

Second Life Marketplace.


Tag, you’re it!

Victorian Cottage Walls – Trimmed!

26 Sep

Quaint slightly faded wallpaper with aged pine paneling and trims in 5 colors. Detailed textures lightly shaded for realism. Horizontally tileable with seamless wallpaper. A sweet casual look we hope you’ll love in two versions – light & dark
** 30 — 1024×1024 textures in each version

Sweet as a gingerbread house, all trimmed in cinnamon pine paneling.

Rich but muted colors. Lovely for a seasonal build.

A cozy corner made with our sculpts & textures.

If you make a little chocolate shop with these — invite us over!!

You can see these in-world at the Barn.
Also available on SL’s Marketplace.

Light Victorian Walls

Darker Victorian Walls

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