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Victorian Cottage Walls – Trimmed!

26 Sep

Quaint slightly faded wallpaper with aged pine paneling and trims in 5 colors. Detailed textures lightly shaded for realism. Horizontally tileable with seamless wallpaper. A sweet casual look we hope you’ll love in two versions – light & dark
** 30 — 1024×1024 textures in each version

Sweet as a gingerbread house, all trimmed in cinnamon pine paneling.

Rich but muted colors. Lovely for a seasonal build.

A cozy corner made with our sculpts & textures.

If you make a little chocolate shop with these — invite us over!!

You can see these in-world at the Barn.
Also available on SL’s Marketplace.

Light Victorian Walls

Darker Victorian Walls

Random Board Wood – Random!

21 Jul

Hardwood boards of various lengths for flooring, walls and furniture, a comfortable casual look with colors ranging from a tintable off-white to black. Seamless for your building convenience.

** 18 — 512×512 textures

Seamless 512 textures for faster loading & building

Some of the available colors

Vix has covered the barn floor with these, come see!

At the Trowix Barn.
Also available on Marketplace
Woodn’t it be nice?

Greenhouse & Store Window

29 Jun

Only 2 prims for a wonderful way to let in light and display plants or curios on your builds.  Whether used as a window or wall display, you’ll enjoy the LOD 2 frame and handy included textures.  Sculpted fitted window glass keeps it all low prim and easy-to-use.

Display items while adding architectural interest

Pottery on display at the …. Trowix barn.

A handsome window any way you look at it.

This would make a great candy display.  Let me know if you make one!
See it at the Trowix Barn.
Also available on SL’s Marketplace. Direct link here.

Tree Branch Wall Shelf

27 Apr
A gracefully simplified tree branch with a little extra to shelve your favorite items or to accent your favorite room.  Just 1 prim and LOD 2, this will become a favorite.

Wall shadow and *corner* wall shadow!

The 1 prim sculpted corner makes sure you can display it anywhere and the tintable wall shadows add realism or colorful drama.  Enjoy a touch of nature!

Easily achieved fun and dramatic effects.

You’re going to love adding this to your builds! 
Stop by the Trowix Barn today.

Shabby Worn Paint – DIY

25 Mar

Do it Yourself look with these versatile painted, scuffed and worn wood designed to look especially nice on squared sculpties. 12 unique designs in 12 colors with both light and dark wood backgrounds to give you a sun-weathered look or a more antique look.  

12 unique distressed designs to provide a more personal look

This texture looks especially nice on sculpties!

A country rainbow of colors.

Refresh your sculpties with a new coat of paint at Trowix Barn, we’ll even sand it for you!

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