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Single Wall Plate – Requested!

2 Jan

Our past group gift,  “Single Wall Plate” is now for sale at our Main Store in Second Life and on Marketplace, here… because you asked for it!


Trowix - Single Wall Plate Vend


Previously posted, here.

This plate has 2 LOD versions.  One to match the “Wall Plate Arrangements” plates and another more detailed one.

I have used the single plate with one of our pre-made arrangements below:


Trowix - Seamless Vintage Roses MP


ALL of the add-on textures fit this plate… Oh, think of the gachas!

Have your plate and hang it, too!

Winter Stick Tree – Group Gift

11 Jan

Cute or Elegant, have it either way with this stylishly clever mesh tree Group Gift for your Winter builds and beyond.   Makes a lovely low prim store display.

TW - WinterStickTreeGroupGiftVend

Original mesh with extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI).
[approximately 1PE at .84 x .84 x 1.0m]

TW - Winter2014


TW - WinterTreeOnAStickMats

Everything you need for eye-catching building.

Stop by the Trowix Barn for yours today!

Thanks always for your patronage.  Love ya!

Snowman String Lights – Christmas Cute!

18 Dec

Detailed, realistic…and cute original mesh snowman string lights to give your holiday builds added realism, color and fun.

TW - SnowmanStringLightsVend

These meshes have extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI). Inworld, 8 materials make tinting and texturing simple.   We have included a “chasing light” texture changing script in several color versions.

Note: This is a mesh object; LI/PE can be affected by size and other variables

Below are inworld photos.  It’s difficult to represent these lights well in photos.  I recommend visiting our store where we have them set up complete with script.

TW - SnowmanLightsMP2

TW - SnowmanLightsMP1

We hope you will enjoy these lights for the holidays and winter season!

Find them at the Trowix Barn store

and on Second Life Marketplace, here.

Why have a just a snowman..

Country Attic Footstool / Ottoman

2 Jun

Over-stuffed and plush with button detailing this pillbox style footstool will easily find a comfy place in your builds.  Classic lines and LOD2 sculpts are equally at home with shabby or upscale styles.  The special 2 piece design makes it easy to use alpha lace and scalloped textures for a rich and detailed texturing. 
** Co-ordinates with other Country Attic pieces

2 piece design makes it easy to use varied textures.

A small assortment of baked textures is included.
Cozy vintage memories just waiting to happen.

We’ve hauled this from the attic for your vintage creations.  Drop by the Trowix Barn  for yours, today!  
Also available on SL’s Marketplace .

Wishing you a wonderful, warm weekend!

Round Jar Holder/Hanger

23 May

A 1 prim sculpt handle for hanging jars, pots and what-have-yous.  Elevate pots, baskets, balloons, candles and more quickly and easily.  An excellent sculpt for your builder’s toolbox.

The perfect fit for our canning jars & potteries.

Hanger used with Trowix garden hook & canning jar.

Hanger used with pottery vase, garden hanger, plant base.

Come hang with us at the Trowix Barn!
(I know, I really typed that….)

or on SL’s Marketplace

Pottery & Mosaic Vases

23 May

For colorful, low prim, decor-defining accents; vases are a natural choice. These potter’s style vases are encrusted with colorful mosaic tiles for a naturally colorful look we hope you’ll love and use over and over.

Classic pottery vases with a pretty go-with-all texture.

Hope you don’t stumble on this pile!

Perfect, pretty vases are at the barn, the Trowix Barn.
(don’t confuse us with some other barn!)

Butter Churn – Non-Fattening!

15 Mar

A traditional upright plunger-type butter churn crafted to provide you with multiple building choices. From a 1 prim build to a 4 prim build, all components are LOD2 or better. A realistic antique accent with time-worn wood baked textures at home in house or garden.

Carefully crafted, textured and thought out for building

One version is a mere 1 prim – perfect for low prim building

Our latest sculpts & textures used for a rustic chore scene.

A charming kitchen area — only 19 prims total

Stop by and see this 1-prim wonder at the Trowix Barn.
…we might put you to work!

Wall Shelf with Pegs – Quaint!

4 Mar

Designed from antique wall shelves used to augment wardrobes and cupboards – handy all-in-one shelving for anything from clothes to hats to kitchen supplies. This quaint shelf is only 1 prim, but still LOD2 and you’ll enjoy its easy texturing. 

ONLY 1 prim & LOD2, also.  Quite an accomplishment.

Included is a tintable cute whimsy texture.

Suggested texturing numbers on the note card, always.

A Spring inspired arrangement.

Country kitchen shelves & peek at upcoming texture pack.

All items used in photos are Trowix sculpts and textures which can be found at the Trowix barn and on SL’s Markeplace

Monday is sneaking up on us, enjoy it anyhow!

Hanging Draped Cloths – Realistic!

4 Mar

Highly realistic hanging cloth drapes carefully crafted for smoothness and detail with no sharp peaked edges and very slightly rounded corners. Made for excellent texturing. The shadow maps for the mirrored backs create more realism and 360 appeal. You can hang these anywhere!  

Front & Back shown.  All shadowed. All smoothed.

Hang from hooks, pegs, chairs, beds, yard tools, handles.  Drop on the ground, a table…just anywhere you want! : )

All of the Baked Textures shown here are included!

I don’t often say, but I am very happy with these.  Kudos to Trowa for Blender patience!

We’ve also made 2 texture packs to match the baked textures.

Find these on the floor of .. (kidding)  the Trowix Barn.

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