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Winter Stick Tree – Group Gift

11 Jan

Cute or Elegant, have it either way with this stylishly clever mesh tree Group Gift for your Winter builds and beyond.   Makes a lovely low prim store display.

TW - WinterStickTreeGroupGiftVend

Original mesh with extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI).
[approximately 1PE at .84 x .84 x 1.0m]

TW - Winter2014


TW - WinterTreeOnAStickMats

Everything you need for eye-catching building.

Stop by the Trowix Barn for yours today!

Thanks always for your patronage.  Love ya!

Love on a Stick – Heart!

14 Jul

Inspired by sweet wedding favors, this darling accent piece will charm customers, guests and family.

TW - LoveHeartonaStickVend

One original mesh object at only 1 PE / LI with mix or match wood and zinc textures is easy to use for many occasions.

4 smooth texturing mesh surfaces for maximum creativity and impact.

TW - LoveHeartonaStickMP1

Both types of wood are included as baked textures – plain and decorated.

Remember!  All Meshes and Sculpts from Trowix Concepts are original NEW meshes made especially for Second Life grid.  Optimized for best LOD and performance. 

You can find this mesh and more at the Trowix Barn..

and on SL’s Marketplace, here.

❤ someone today!

Round Jar Holder/Hanger

23 May

A 1 prim sculpt handle for hanging jars, pots and what-have-yous.  Elevate pots, baskets, balloons, candles and more quickly and easily.  An excellent sculpt for your builder’s toolbox.

The perfect fit for our canning jars & potteries.

Hanger used with Trowix garden hook & canning jar.

Hanger used with pottery vase, garden hanger, plant base.

Come hang with us at the Trowix Barn!
(I know, I really typed that….)

or on SL’s Marketplace

Pottery & Mosaic Vases

23 May

For colorful, low prim, decor-defining accents; vases are a natural choice. These potter’s style vases are encrusted with colorful mosaic tiles for a naturally colorful look we hope you’ll love and use over and over.

Classic pottery vases with a pretty go-with-all texture.

Hope you don’t stumble on this pile!

Perfect, pretty vases are at the barn, the Trowix Barn.
(don’t confuse us with some other barn!)

Hanging Draped Cloths – Realistic!

4 Mar

Highly realistic hanging cloth drapes carefully crafted for smoothness and detail with no sharp peaked edges and very slightly rounded corners. Made for excellent texturing. The shadow maps for the mirrored backs create more realism and 360 appeal. You can hang these anywhere!  

Front & Back shown.  All shadowed. All smoothed.

Hang from hooks, pegs, chairs, beds, yard tools, handles.  Drop on the ground, a table…just anywhere you want! : )

All of the Baked Textures shown here are included!

I don’t often say, but I am very happy with these.  Kudos to Trowa for Blender patience!

We’ve also made 2 texture packs to match the baked textures.

Find these on the floor of .. (kidding)  the Trowix Barn.

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